Our Services and Rates

We are able to take small dogs 

(up to 14" height to their back and up to 20 pounds)

Daycare $30 per day (from 6am to 7pm)

Overnight Stays $35

Puppies in Training $40 per day

A deposit of three days is required at least a month prior the date of boarding.

Deposit is refundable if the cancellation is made within 30 days before the date of boarding.  

To ensure there is room for everyone in our beds, we have a daily limit up to 8 dogs.

In House Visit for other pets $30 per day

Includes a 30 minutes visit per day for feeding, fresh water and play time. 

Dog Walking

30 Minutes              $25 for the first dog

                                $10 each additional dog

Note: Pet Visits and Dog Walking only available in the following communities: New Brighton, Copperfield, McKenzie Towne, McKenzie Lake. The dogs must be able to walk in a group of three.

Head scratches, tummy rubs and cuddles. FREE.

Your duties

  • Your dog must be spayed/neutered, house trained and needs to be up to date on all shots. For puppies in training, please supply training pads and kennel if required.
  • Please bring your dog clean and preferably with trimmed nails.
  • We require you to book a meet and greet visit with us prior the date of sitting.
  • Download and complete the Pet Information form prior to your pet’s first visit.
  • We do not crate our visitors unless requested by you. We will respect your wishes should you choose, but you will need to bring the kennel along.

Parents are encouraged to bring any other comforts from home such as beds, teddy bears, blankies, special toys, special treats etc… anything you think may make their time away from you less stressfull.